Indicator rhombus extreme 166200

Indicator rhombus extreme 166200
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Indicator rhombus extreme 166200


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Indicators micro Rhombus Extreme black FL / RR micro Rhombus Extreme with M8 x 20 thread, flexible mounting and clear glass. - ECE-tested for front and rear - Increased safety through improved visibility - Usable on all vehicles (. Eg quad, car, SUper Seven, trailers, etc.) - Kellermann HighPower LED Technology - Long Life Protection Guard®, IC controlled, clocked 330 kHz - High-quality metal housing - Suitable for 12 Volt applications - Replaceable flexible rubber adapter which protects the indicator from vibration damage and vandalism The micro Rhombus is already by his sensational form a real looker. In the new Extreme version, it is one of the brightest yet Kellermann indicators of all time and is more versatile than ever before. He is admitted to the first Kellermann indicator not only for motorcycles but also for all other vehicles such. As quads, cars and trailers (approved to ECE 6). On Motorcycle allowed the micro Rhombus Extreme hence bringing back the spotlight to twenty millimeters. By using two LEDs proven Kellermann HighPower LED Technology ** an impressive and unmatched bright flashing signal is generated. Is detected more quickly, thus ensuring maximum safety on the road *. * UU a load independent relay (123 970) or necessary power resistors to adjust the flash frequency. ** Combination of the IC-controlled LONG LIFE PROTECTION GUARD ® circuit with high power LEDs of the latest design.

Manufacturer Nr.: Kellermann 166200

EAN: 4029265662002

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