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Instruments and accessories in Electrics

Temperature sensor aussen
23,85 CHF
Screw 979796
1,40 CHF
Battery voltage tester 12v
27,70 CHF
tachometer electrical black 360674
68,20 CHF
Acewell MA8S Magnet braking disc screw Suzuki/Kawasaki
9,50 CHF
Acewell ACE 3851 Yamaha Rapptorr ACE 3850 f. YFM660
251,35 CHF
tachometer electrical black
69,75 CHF
tachometer electrical stainless steel
67,70 CHF
more tachometer
Induction cable
9,35 CHF
Daytona gear indicator
96,10 CHF
Jmp hour meter
28,85 CHF
Speedometer instrument
27,70 CHF
Rotor tourmax
33,25 CHF
Sperrdiode 5A
2,65 CHF
Speedometer mechanical black
99,45 CHF
Speedometer mechanical black 360672
54,20 CHF
Speedometer electrical black 360677
98,70 CHF
Speedometer mechanical stainless steel
54,30 CHF
more mechanical speedo
Oil water temperature sensor
14,40 CHF
Induction cable
9,35 CHF
Temperature sensor daytona 1013819
11,65 CHF
Temperature Sensor
11,10 CHF
Temperature sensor daytona
21,45 CHF
Daytona asura multi function computer
161,95 CHF
Multifunk cockpit black
220,25 CHF
Oil pressure switch with warning connection
69,95 CHF
Oil pressure switch no warning connection
75,95 CHF
Daytona asura multi function computer
161,95 CHF
Multifunk cockpit black
220,25 CHF
Rubber grommet (orig spare part) 61103357000
5,15 CHF
Rubber grommet GRM111
11,75 CHF
Rubber grommet GRM127
14,70 CHF
O-ring 979925
3,15 CHF
O-ring 979939
3,15 CHF
more rubber grommets/seals
thermostat (compare no. 19300611005)
34,20 CHF
79,60 CHF
Thermostat (original)
43,90 CHF
Water Temperature Sensor WTS-101 37750PC1004/37750MZ0760
24,40 CHF
thermo ventilator switchRFS-50727010-1202
56,80 CHF
Thermo Ventilator Switch RFS-501 37760MB9000/37760371003
56,80 CHF
Thermo Ventilator Switch RFS-508
31,30 CHF
thermo switch for air cooler (compare. no. 1768050F00)f. Suzuki LT-A King Quad 500/700/750
31,30 CHF
more thermo switch
ACE-TSHK Acewell tank sensor
71,80 CHF
ACE-TS Fuel sensor universal
57,30 CHF
fuel level sensor unit for metal fuel tank
instead 9,40 CHF
7,70 CHF
starter flange gasket Gear gasket compare no. 11356-HA7-P00
7,35 CHF
ACE-TS700 Tanksensor for Yamaha Raptor YFM700R
71,80 CHF
temperature sensor (original)
75,10 CHF
Temperature sensor ( original)
79,20 CHF
THERMISTOR (original)
38,25 CHF
Optical speed sensor
34,70 CHF
Induction cable
9,35 CHF
Tachometer elektrisch
229,85 CHF
Speedometer digital
99,05 CHF
Speedometer electrical chrome
118,55 CHF
more tachometer, electronic / accessories
Voltmeter Vision
50,40 CHF