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Starter and accessories in Electrics

DIN angle plug
8,15 CHF
Din socket fixing kit
2,65 CHF
Adapter cable m+s
13,55 CHF
Adapter cigar lighter 7229118
1,05 CHF
Adapter cigar lighter 7229119
2,80 CHF
12v connector large outlet
10,55 CHF
Motorcycle jump leads
19,20 CHF
Compact starter cable ba06
12,95 CHF
Booster cable
16,00 CHF
Jump start cables with plug connector
17,95 CHF
Auxiliary power outlet
10,80 CHF
Socket  M DIN insulated 4165
9,75 CHF
Cigarette lighter socket ZA02
15,70 CHF
Starting and charging socket
17,75 CHF
Adapter cable 12v
9,65 CHF
more outlet
Din plug with screw terminals
5,95 CHF
8,75 CHF