Seal ring oelablasss 243205

Seal ring oelablasss 243205
Dichtring OELABLASSS 243205_1
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Seal ring oelablasss 243205

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Seal ring oelablasss 243205

Spare part for JM-No. Product RRP (inc. VAT) Available Out of stock - call for availability Your enquiry could not be carried out Article 457.00.69 Sortiment ├ľlablass 323TLG Dichtringe + Ablassschrauben 457.00.69Sortiment ├ľlablass 323TLG Dichtringe + Ablassschrauben210,39 ÔéČ

Technical data

Technical Data
Assortment   No
Inner Diameter   14.0 mm
Outer Diameter   20.0 mm
Height   1.5 mm
Material   Aluminium
Shape   Flat
Benzinresistent   Yes
Oil resistant   Yes

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 243.205

EAN: 4041248445761

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