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workshop supplies

Claw holder for Bobbins motoprofessional 397-071
6,35 CHF
PRO 1 Fork holder for Bobbins motoprofessional
9,45 CHF
Front wheel fork holder motoprofessional
10,45 CHF
SHIN YO Bobbins M6, silver
10,45 CHF
Front Wheel Pin Mount motoprofessional
8,80 CHF
more accessories
Motocross Motorcycle Lifter motoprofessional
35,10 CHF
Motorcycle stand STEADYSTAND Cross 190 ACEBIKES
175,05 CHF
Mounting stand PRO 1 motoprofessional
31,75 CHF
Motorcycle stand STEADYSTAND Scooter ACEBIKES
87,75 CHF
Mounting stand with lift for Enduro and Cross motorcycles
31,80 CHF
more motorcycle bike stands
Charging cable extension 4.6m SAE plug OPTIMATE
14,90 CHF
Eyelet cable with connector OPTIMATE
10,10 CHF
Adapter cable from MV Agusta plug to SAE OPTIMATE
18,80 CHF
charging cable extension OPTIMATE
instead 11,05 CHF
9,05 CHF
Connection cable with crocodile clips, SAE plug OPTIMATE
11,05 CHF
more charging technology
Polishing agent with wax, RS1 Wax-Polish Spray, 500 ml Putoline
11,60 CHF
VPE: 23,20 CHF per liter
LIQUI MOLY Cleaning fluid Motorbike 4T Fuel Additive, 125 ml
8,70 CHF
VPE: 69,60 CHF per liter
LIQUI MOLY Cleaning fluid Motorbike Engine Flush, 250ml
14,30 CHF
VPE: 57,20 CHF per liter
Put Off Motorcycle Universal Cleaner 5 l Putoline
26,20 CHF
VPE: 5,25 CHF per liter
Air Filter Oil Bio Action Fluid, 600 ml Putoline
9,90 CHF
VPE: 16,50 CHF per liter
more cleaner + care products
Plus Repair SET HELICOIL 396-808
73,75 CHF
Refill pack plus threaded inserts M 8 HELICOIL
15,35 CHF
Plus assortment HELICOIL
171,05 CHF
Plus repair assortment HELICOIL
186,80 CHF
83,70 CHF
more heli coil - thread repair
Ultracool 12 Coolant 1 l Putoline
8,70 CHF
VPE: 8,70 CHF per liter
O- and X-ring chain spray 500 ml Putoline
10,75 CHF
VPE: 21,50 CHF per liter
Air Filter Oil Bio Action Fluid, 600 ml Putoline
9,90 CHF
VPE: 16,50 CHF per liter
Air filter oil, Action Fluid, 600 ml Putoline
11,60 CHF
VPE: 19,35 CHF per liter
Coolant NF Coolant 4 l Putoline
25,30 CHF
VPE: 6,35 CHF per liter
more lubricants and coolants
TT Scooter +, 2-stroke engine oil, fully synthetic, 1 L Putoline
16,35 CHF
VPE: 16,35 CHF per liter
TT Scooter, 2-stroke engine oil, synth., 1 L Putoline
10,95 CHF
VPE: 10,95 CHF per liter
MX 7, 2-stroke engine oil, 1l Putoline
18,55 CHF
VPE: 18,55 CHF per liter
S2, 2-stroke engine oil, semi-synthetic, 4 L Putoline
34,40 CHF
VPE: 8,60 CHF per liter
2-stroke engine oil TT Trial Pro Scented Putoline
13,15 CHF
VPE: 13,15 CHF per liter
more 2-stroke engine oil
Formula V-Twin 20W-40, 4-stroke engine oil, 4l Putoline
44,00 CHF
VPE: 11,00 CHF per liter
ATV Farmer Oil 15W-40, 4-stroke engine oil for ATV, synthetic, 1l Putoline
instead 11,40 CHF
9,35 CHF
VPE: 9,35 CHF per liter
Ester Tech Off Road 4+, 4-stroke engine oil, 10W-40, 4l Putoline
56,80 CHF
VPE: 14,20 CHF per liter
Formula V-Twin 20W-40, 4-stroke engine oil, 1l Putoline
12,15 CHF
VPE: 12,15 CHF per liter
Ester Tech Off Road 4+, 4-stroke engine oil, 10W-60, 1l Putoline
15,45 CHF
VPE: 15,45 CHF per liter
more 4-stroke engine oil
HPX R, fork oil, 5W, 1l Putoline
12,75 CHF
VPE: 12,75 CHF per liter
HPX R, fork oil Putoline 510-70231
13,15 CHF
VPE: 13,15 CHF per liter
Fork oil Fork Oil Light SAE 5, mineral oil based, 500 ml Putoline
7,95 CHF
VPE: 15,90 CHF per liter
Fork Oil Fork Oil Medium SAE 10, mineral oil based, 500 ml Putoline
7,95 CHF
VPE: 15,90 CHF per liter
HPX R, fork oil, 15W, 1l Putoline
13,15 CHF
VPE: 13,15 CHF per liter
more fork oil
125 ml bag, Special Scooter Gear 75W-90 Putoline
instead 5,70 CHF
4,65 CHF
VPE: 37,35 CHF per liter
Light Gear 75W, gear oil, 1l Putoline
10,25 CHF
VPE: 10,25 CHF per liter
Heavy Gear 80W-90, gear oil, 1l Putoline
11,85 CHF
VPE: 11,85 CHF per liter
1 L socket, RS 75 75/80W Putoline
17,90 CHF
VPE: 17,90 CHF per liter
Gear oil, ATF Dexron II-D 1 l Putoline
12,25 CHF
VPE: 12,25 CHF per liter
more gear oil
Aluminium ramp WIDE motoprofessional 397-107B
148,85 CHF
Aluminium ramp WIDE motoprofessional
148,85 CHF
Replacement rubber protection for aluminium drive-on ramp motoprofessional
2,20 CHF
Carrying bag for drive-on ramps ACEBIKES
22,55 CHF
187,70 CHF
more ramps
Aluminium cladding screws with M5 rubber nuts
10,45 CHF
Fairing screws M6x20 assortment
instead 6,30 CHF
5,15 CHF
Aluminium fairing screws M6 with rubber nut for fairing panes, 8 pieces
10,45 CHF
HIGHWAY HAWK M6 cover caps for screws and nuts HH03-3162
8,30 CHF
Control head nut M24 x1.0 SW LSL
10,55 CHF
more screws + nuts
Silicone sealant red, 200 ml MARSTON-DOMSEL
13,65 CHF
VPE: 68,25 CHF per liter
Universal sealant, tube 20 g MARSTON-DOMSEL
instead 3,70 CHF
3,05 CHF
VPE: 151,50 CHF per kg
Cleaner, spray 400 ml MARSTON-DOMSEL
7,90 CHF
VPE: 19,75 CHF per liter
MARSTON universal sealant, tube 85 g MARSTON-DOMSEL
8,60 CHF
VPE: 101,20 CHF per kg
Cleaner, tin 250ml MARSTON-DOMSEL
6,00 CHF
VPE: 24,00 CHF per liter
more sealants + removers
Vol. 5185 Repair instructions SUZUKI VS 1400 Intruder (since 1987) Motorbuch
60,45 CHF
Repair instruction BMW Boxer R65, R80, R100 Monolever Motorbuch
60,45 CHF
Vol. 5121 Repair instructions SUZUKI GS 500 E (from 1989) Motorbuch
60,45 CHF
Vol. 515 Repair Instructions HONDA GL 1000 - Gold Wing Motorbuch
60,45 CHF
Vol. 5198 Repair instructions HONDA VT 600 C, 88- Motorbuch
60,45 CHF
more service manuals
Brake lever lock BRAKEFIX ACEBIKES
10,85 CHF
Canyon Dancer Canyon Dancer 2 handlebar attachment
35,65 CHF
Double Loop Belt motoprofessional
6,30 CHF
Tension strap set Deluxe Duo, with ratchet ACEBIKES
59,20 CHF
double loop, nylon, black ACEBIKES
10,80 CHF
more transport aids
Mixing nozzle for Mega-Bond, 56g, 10 pcs. MARSTON-DOMSEL
11,30 CHF
Dispensing gun for Mega-Bond 56 MARSTON-DOMSEL
33,90 CHF
Solar-Plax, UV curing GRP repair film, 150x220mm MARSTON-DOMSEL
35,65 CHF
VPE: 1.188,35 CHF per
Screw lock, high-strength, bottle 10ml MARSTON-DOMSEL
5,80 CHF
VPE: 580,00 CHF per liter
Screw lock, medium strength, bottle 10ml MARSTON-DOMSEL
5,45 CHF
VPE: 545,00 CHF per liter
more threadlocker and glue
SHIN YO Bowden cable lubricator
4,90 CHF
Petrol Bottle Set motoprofessional
26,10 CHF
SHIN YO Brush set, 180mm
5,50 CHF
chain tool Kellermann 396-515
135,00 CHF
Gasoline metal stopcock
8,90 CHF
more motorcycle tools
Workshop Supplies ┬╗ Tools ┬╗ Misc
HEPCO & BECKER Auxiliary tool for main stand spring
19,40 CHF
Oil filter wrench infinitely adjustable
7,70 CHF
oil filter wrench
9,00 CHF
Oil filter wrench for HARLEY DAVIDSON
9,00 CHF
Oil filter wrench 74 mm, with cut-out.
9,00 CHF
Oil filter wrench for various BMWs
9,00 CHF