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Accessories in Oil

5,35 CHF
Bag for refillLoil  LUKOIL
5,35 CHF
Bag for refillLoil  MOB
5,35 CHF
JMC Bag for refillL
5,35 CHF
Plastic funnel with flexible spout
7,75 CHF
Plastic funnel set - 4 piece
6,75 CHF
4,50 CHF
Tin funnel with brass filter & removable spout
instead 19,35 CHF
15,85 CHF
FassFUNNEL for 60 und 200 Liter with Klappcover
53,65 CHF
more funnels / tubes
Oil/fuel blender 250ml
4,65 CHF
VPE: 18,60 CHF per liter
Oil/fuel blender 125ml
4,65 CHF
VPE: 37,20 CHF per liter
Oil drain can 10l
20,10 CHF
Oil drain pan black
17,75 CHF
Auffangwanne rund 6L JMP
21,85 CHF
Small drain plug for ecotanica 2000
1,45 CHF
Waste oil collector 16ltr with spout
27,80 CHF
more oil drain trays, cans and accessories
Motair motorcheckup
89,50 CHF