2 stroke semi-synthetic oil 1ltr jmc

2 stroke semi-synthetic oil 1ltr jmc
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2 stroke semi-synthetic oil 1ltr jmc

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JMC engine oil 2T Scooter Teilsysnthetisch JMC 2-stroke scooter engine oil is a semi-synthetic high-performance engine oil for air and water cooled 2-stroke engines and is ideal for mixed and separate lubrication. Due to the low-ash additive system, the oil burns almost without residue. Spark contamination and deposits in critical areas such as piston rings and exhaust ports can be prevented, thus ensuring a long service life of the engine. The JMC 2-stroke scooter engine oil is multi-functional use in air and water cooled 2-stroke engines. For mixture lubrication, the mixing ratio according to the specifications of the motor manufacturer must be observed. - Outstanding wear protection - Virtually residue-free combustion - "Low Smoke" formulation - Reduces deposits on piston rings, exhaust ports and spark plugs - Multifunctional application area - Suitable for air and water cooled 2-stroke engines - Suitable for separate and mixed lubrication Specifications and approvals: API TC (TSC-3), JASO FC / FD, ISO-L-EGD (Low Smoke) Contents: 1 liter tin Package: 12

Technical data

Technical Data
Application   Engine
Manufacturer   JMC
Type   2 Stroke Injection
    2 Stroke Pre-mix
Quality   Synthetic
JASO References   FC
API Specification   TC
Iso   l-EGD
Container   1 Litre

Manufacturer Nr.: JMC 20030-114-B8

EAN: 4043981050486


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