Bulb 12v2w ba7s

Bulb 12v2w ba7s
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Bulb 12v2w ba7s

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Bulb 12v2w ba7s

HERTH & BUSS indicator lamp Danger: to use Inne room - Only for Cars Notice to public roads: For the interior lighting is applied § 30 StVZO. Thereafter, the interior lighting must not interfere with the driver on the instruments view. Penetrates light outwards, so may the prescribed lighting equipment and the oncoming traffic are not affected. The interior lighting is to be arranged so that no direct light can penetrate to the outside. In no case, white light may be emitted at the back. Flashing is not allowed. Please note the country-specific approvals.

Technical data

Technical Data
Voltage   12v
Type   Standard
Mounting type (base)   BA7s
Performance   2 Watt
Colour   White
Type of light   Standard
Filament technology   1 filament
Longlife   No
Heavy Duty   No
Manufacturer   Herth + Buss
Halogen   No
Blisterverpackung   No

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 89901120

OEM: 3898 17144 N 0177222 N 0177222 N 0177222 N 0177222

EAN: 4026736078096

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