Drive belt 16.9 x 779 jtbelt

Drive belt 16.9 x 779 jtbelt
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Drive belt 16.9 x 779 jtbelt

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Different measurement and production processes at the belt manufacturers arise across manufacturers different lengths. However, these differences do not affect the functionality of the belt. Various industry standards different paramaters are used to determine the length information. It is to the outside length (Length external, short Le), inner length (Length internal, short Li) differentiated and effective length. The effective length thereby describes the length measurement to about 3/4 height of the belt in accordance with DIN 2215th Furthermore, the predetermined by the vehicle manufacturer belt tension must be included for reliable length measurement, as these also an important factor in the production process. Because of these different measurement methods may lead to different belt sizes from different manufacturers in the same vehicle. Please based exclusively on our vehicle assignments. Dimensions 16.9 x 779 mm

Manufacturer Nr.: JT JTB2001

OEM: 27601-10E00 27601-02EA0

EAN: 824225610130

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