Piston set 79.96 mm A forged

Piston set 79.96 mm A  forged
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Piston set 79.96 mm A forged


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Athena Piston Set For over 10 years Athena is working with the world's top motocross racing teams and has developed together with you piston. All piston models are made of aluminum alloys and have a perfect blend of nickel, copper and silicon. Designed and manufactured with the best available technology. The careful selection of premium raw materials coupled with the most advanced engineering techniques, guarantees lightness and endurance of the piston, for a better engine performance and durability. Forged pistons are heat-resistant and more durable than cast pistons. Athena Piston kits come complete with rings, pins and clips. Piston diameter: 79.96 mm (A) Piston Material: Forged Piston pin diameter: 16 mm Compression ratio: 13.5: 1

Manufacturer Nr.: Athena S4F08000004A

EAN: 805044489215

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