Vario 105cm clear pvc cover

Vario 105cm clear pvc cover
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Speed Brakes

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7570971 105CM

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Vario 105cm clear pvc cover

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speed Brakes V erschraubbares Vario Flex steel system with parts expertises The Vario system provides all the components to create virtually any conceivable Stahlflexleitung. - Length: 105 cm -Teflonleitung, Wrapped in high quality spring steel fabric V2A -the cables are sheathed transparent - Several combinations by screwed connections - Through lean Vario thread a parallel installation is always possible -. AnschluĂźkonusse are optimally coordinated and guarantee 100% tightness Connectors rotatable even after installation - E asy line extension by means of a screw coupling possible

Manufacturer Nr.: Speed Brakes 7570971 105CM

EAN: 4043981065350

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