spark plug DENSO W24FS-U (alt. B8HS) DS-W24FS-U

spark plug DENSO W24FS-U (alt. B8HS) DS-W24FS-U
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spark plug DENSO W24FS-U (alt. B8HS) DS-W24FS-U

DENSO offer aftermarket spark plugs to OEM quality and more with the product range of standard, platinum and iridium twin top plugs. DENSO have been established since 1959 and develops all product lines in house in accordance with QS9000 and ISO9000 standards. Please use the following link to identify the plugs you require: Denso Spark Plug Application List DENSO spark plugs can be used on motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, marine engines and small engines guaranteeing optimum performance. Standard Improved head dissipation Standard U-groove Low centre copper core Heat resistant nickel jacket Can be used as alternative for the following:AC Delco: M41FF, S41F Accel: ACC8HS Autolite: 411, 2652 Beru: 143A1, 143AU, 144A1, 14Z3AU, 14Z4AU, Z39 Bosch: W3A, W3AC, W4A, W4A1, W4A2, W4AC Champion: L55C, L78, L78C, QL16V, UL81C, UL81J Eyquem: 1000, 100M, F100 Hitachi: M43W Iskra: F100, F100S Lodge: S3 Magneti Marelli: CW9N, CW9NJ, CWC9NJ Motorcraft: AE901, AE901X, AV903 NGK: 3014, 5510, 7697, B77HC, B8HCS, B8HS, BU8H, BUZ8H Splitfire: SF409B Torch: E8C Valeo/ Marchal: 2/32, 2/33

Manufacturer Nr.: Denso

EAN: 0042511040380

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