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engine parts

air filter box complete for 10 inch wheel scooter for 139QMB, GY6 50cc BT31001
10,25 CHF
air filter for Peugeot Ludix, Speedfight 3, New Vivacity 50 4T, SYM Allo, Fiddle 2, Orbit 2 50 4T 2009- 36917
6,55 CHF
air filter replacement for Peugeot Kisbee, Django 4-stroke 34144
7,85 CHF
air filter for Kymco Super8 Sento PeopleS Agility City Yager GT 50 16883
6,90 CHF
air filter box complete for Minarelli horizontal IP12454
7,75 CHF
more air filter vehicle specific
air filter Air-System metal gauze filter 35mm 45° carburetor connection blue shield IP10409
12,10 CHF
air filter Power 38mm carburetor connection blue IP14185
6,75 CHF
air filter Power 35-48mm carburetor connection chrome IP18905
10,25 CHF
air filter Power 35mm carburetor connection blue IP14184
6,75 CHF
air filter Air-System metal gauze filter 38mm straight version red shield IP13457
7,85 CHF
more air filter tuning (uni)
air filter element 200cc PI-285352
20,85 CHF
air filter element for Piaggio Hexagon (EXS/EXV) = PI-4343640P PI-434364
8,00 CHF
Luftfilter ZIP Fast Rider,RST = PI-4785360P PI-478536
6,40 CHF
crankshaft for Simson S50, Star SR4-2, Schwalbe KR51/1, Sperber SR4-3, Habicht SR4-4, Duo 4/1 39152
37,45 CHF
small end bearing Naraku heavy duty 12x17x13mm NK101.70
5,85 CHF
crankshaft (old model) for Puch Maxi E50 engine IP38460
42,15 CHF
crankshaft for Peugeot horizontal IP35218
67,25 CHF
small end bearing Naraku heavy duty 12x16x16mm extra wide NK101.71
5,15 CHF
more crankshaft
carburetor for Minarelli, CPI, Keeway, Generic, QJ 1E40QMB KW13987
22,70 CHF
carburetor type SVB18 for 50cc Kymco, SYM, Peugeot, GY6 Euro4 39739
77,30 CHF
carburetor OEM quality for GY6 125/150cc GY16651
39,00 CHF
carburetor Naraku w/ electric choke for Kymco Agility, Vitality, Super 8/9, YUP, Yager, Dink 2-stroke (SF10) NK201.06
59,45 CHF
carburetor replacement for 4-stroke 139QMB/QMA BT16001
35,05 CHF
more carburator (standard)
cylinder kit 50cc for CPI, Keeway Euro 2 inclined, 12mm IP33559
30,15 CHF
cylinder kit 50cc for CPI, Keeway Euro 2 straight, 12mm IP18306
38,50 CHF
cylinder kit Schmitt GST-50 50cc 38mm for Simson S51, KR51/2, SR50 STT48899
116,25 CHF
cylinder kit Naraku 50cc for Peugeot vertical AC NK101.05
59,60 CHF
cylinder kit 50cc for Kymco, SYM vertical (GR1) IP32549
29,55 CHF
more cylinder sets (standard)
carburetor Naraku 17.5mm electric choke for Kymco, Honda, SYM NK201.04
56,80 CHF
carburetor Naraku V.3 18,5mm for 50-90cc 4-stroke 139QMB/A NK200.01
47,10 CHF
carburetor Naraku 24mm for 85-180cc 4-stroke 139QMB GY6 NK200.06
45,00 CHF
carburetor kit tuning sport for Minarelli, CPI horizontal KW33762
36,85 CHF
carburetor Naraku Black Edition 19mm NK201.08
55,70 CHF
more carburator (racing)
engine case right side (oil filler) for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA BT13883
27,10 CHF
engine ignition cover / alternator cover carbon-style for Minarelli AM6 15932
15,35 CHF
crankcase breather set Naraku racing silver in color / crankcase ventilation system NK100.10
27,70 CHF
engine case / variator cover screw set black for Minarelli 39951
6,85 CHF
crankcase cover for 10
40,30 CHF
more crank case
crankshaft bearings Naraku heavy duty left and right incl. oil seals for Peugeot horiz. NK100.34
19,95 CHF
crankshaft bearings Naraku heavy duty left and right incl. oil seals for Morini NK100.69
26,45 CHF
crankshaft bearing set for Gilera Runner, Piaggio Hexagon, Italjet Dragster 125, 180cc 32092
33,15 CHF
crankshaft bearings Naraku heavy duty left and right incl. oil seals for Minarelli CW, MA, MY, CA, CY NK100.37
18,65 CHF
crankshaft ball bearing L17TVP w/ brass cage 17x40x10mm for Puch LAG.L17TVP
10,45 CHF
more crankshaft bearing
cam chain for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA BT40009
4,55 CHF
cam chain tensioner lifter assy for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA BT40002
6,45 CHF
camshaft Naraku sport A8 for GY6 125-180cc NK500.03
48,90 CHF
camshaft chain 45 link for GY6 152/157QMI/QMJ GY15013
6,00 CHF
cam chain tensioner lifter assy for Suzuki Burgman 250, Burgman 400 (99-06), DR 350 (90-99) IP20908
7,65 CHF
more camshaft
cylinder kit 72cc for GY6, Kymco 4-stroke, 139QMB/QMA BT27365
30,05 CHF
cylinder kit Naraku 70cc for 1E40QMB (E2) NK101.47
89,50 CHF
cylinder kit 150cc 57.4mm for China 4-stroke GY6 125 152QMI, 150 157QMJ GY27396
34,65 CHF
cylinder kit Naraku 150cc 60mm for Yamaha X-Max, YZF, WR 125 NK600.73
139,75 CHF
cylinder kit 60cc 40mm for Puch 4-speed Monza, Condor, X50-4, White Speed IP39700
125,80 CHF
more cylinder sets (racing)
electric choke Naraku for Dellorto, Arreche, OEM carbs NK200.05
9,15 CHF
electric choke Naraku for Mikuni carburetor NK200.24
9,45 CHF
manual choke for Keihin PWK, OKO, Naraku, Stage 6 carburetor 25093
4,35 CHF
carburetor float kit for Dellorto PHVA, PHBN 12-17.5mm 35459
6,45 CHF
main jet 101 for Dellorto carburetor 5mm 040 IP-LHD5-040
2,30 CHF
more carburator accessories
rocker arm assembly for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA BT13854
8,30 CHF
cylinder head Naraku 70cc for Minarelli horizontal AC, CPI, Keeway E2 NK102.83
19,85 CHF
cylinder head cover w/o secondary air system SAS / valve cover for GY6 125/150cc 152/157QMI GY14192
10,05 CHF
cylinder head 50cc for Minarelli, CPI AC E1 KW13965
16,45 CHF
cylinder head nut M7 thread for Minarelli IP15465
1,65 CHF
more cylinder heads
engine complete for 12 inch wheel with SAS / EGR for short shaft engine for 139QMB BT17459
498,00 CHF
engine complete for 12 inch wheel w/o SAS for short shaft engine for 139QMB BT14196
504,40 CHF
engine complete for 10 inch wheel with SAS / EGR system for 139QMB/QMA BT17460
491,05 CHF
engine complete for 10 inch wheel w/o secondary air system SAS for 139QMB/QMA BT14177
459,80 CHF
engine complete long version for rear drum brake, 835mm drive belt for GY6 125cc 152QMI GY15481
514,20 CHF
more engines
fuel tap manual universal 8mm w/ reserve IP34452
20,60 CHF
auto fuel tap 16mm M16x1.5 for metal tank (old type) for Kymco, SYM, GY6 BT32006
5,85 CHF
auto fuel tap 15mm for Aprilia, Kymco, Piaggio, Vespa, MBK, Malaguti, SYM 20480
6,40 CHF
auto fuel tap for MBK Booster, Yamaha BWs BZA30418
7,55 CHF
auto fuel tap short version, M14 for CPI, Keeway IP25540
6,30 CHF
more fuel tap & fuel hose
auto vacuum fuel pump universal IP11063
12,45 CHF
fuel pump for Suzuki Burgman, MBK Skycruiser, Cityliner, Yamaha Majesty, T-Max, X-Max, WR, YZF 125 28690
20,80 CHF
fuel pump for Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi 50-250cc 32095
15,70 CHF
fuel pump for Vespa GTS 300ie Super 08-13, GTV 300 28691
20,25 CHF
fuel pump manual / hand primer Polini 316.0106
24,50 CHF
more fuel pump
engine gasket set for Yamaha YZF-R, WR, MT 125 (YI-3 OHC engine) IP35910
38,20 CHF
engine gasket set complete type 835mm for GY6 125/150cc 152QMI GY18249
5,60 CHF
variator / crankcase cover gasket for Minarelli horiz. short version NK153.20
5,45 CHF
gasket sheet metal universal 1.20mm 140mm x 195mm 17138
8,20 CHF
engine gasket set for Minarelli horizontal AC short version KW14872
5,90 CHF
more gaskets
gearshift lever rubber / brake pedal rubber / kickstarter rubber OEM for Aprilia RS4, Derbi GPR 09- PI-AP8120912
4,75 CHF
gear shift lever black for Piaggio / Derbi engine D50B0, EBE off-road, SM VC20704
21,35 CHF
gear shift lever chromed for Piaggio / Derbi engine D50B0, EBE off-road, SM VC20703
18,25 CHF
gear shift lever aluminum blue for Minarelli AM, Crosser, SM VC18417
22,40 CHF
gear shift lever aluminum red for Piaggio / Derbi engine D50B0, EBE off-road, SM VC18423
22,00 CHF
more gear shift lever
carburetor to manifold connector rubber incl. ring clips (20mm flange) IP31980
8,20 CHF
intake manifold with insulator spacer for 24mm carburetor 4-stroke GY12321
4,85 CHF
intake manifold 21mm unrestricted for Minarelli horizontal, CPI, Keeway, 1E40QMB IP10979
6,30 CHF
intake manifold for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA BT20001
5,60 CHF
reed valve assy racing 6-valve for Minarelli horizontal 26796
14,90 CHF
more inlets & reeds
Rubber bellows intake rubber 50cc 4-stroke PI-298548
26,20 CHF
kick starter black for Minarelli, CPI, Keeway, QJ, 1E40QMB KW13988
8,05 CHF
kickstart lever for 139QMB, Kymco 50cc 4-stroke BT12007
7,15 CHF
kickstart pinion gear for Minarelli, CPI KW13990
6,05 CHF
kickstarter shaft D=14mm for Peugeot, Honda 12717
6,00 CHF
kick starter non-folding grey for Minarelli, Kymco, CPI, Peugeot, GY6 VC11397
17,70 CHF
more kickstarter lever
oil filter screen BT13857
1,70 CHF
oil filter screw plug BT80011
2,45 CHF
oil filter for Yamaha YP X-Max, YZF, MBK Cityliner, Skycruiser VC27133
3,70 CHF
oil pump drive belt for Piaggio, Gilera, Aprilia, Vespa 50cc 2-stroke VC31103
2,85 CHF
oil pump assy for CPI, Keeway, QJ, 1E40QMB KW13974
26,45 CHF
more oil filter & oil pump
engine oil drain bolt M10x1.25 - 4-stroke universal IP19906
2,40 CHF
engine mount rubber / metal bushing 10x30x30mm BT27505
3,00 CHF
engine mount rubber / metal bushing 10x28x22mm BT15014
3,30 CHF
oil tank connection OEM for Generic Trigger, Aprilia RX 50, MX 50 34939
4,30 CHF
engine rubber mount / swing arm silent block for Piaggio engine 50-350cc 40420
8,00 CHF
more parts & accessories
piston ring set Malossi 70cc Ø47mm A M.354501
18,15 CHF
piston set 50cc incl. rings, clips and pin for original cylinder 39mm for GY6 139QMB/QMA BT7005
11,20 CHF
piston set 50cc for Peugeot AC, LC IP35703
11,30 CHF
gudgeon pin clip Polini D.12 12mm 272.0001
2,20 CHF
piston set Naraku 50cc for Piaggio / Derbi engine D50B0 NK101.38
16,70 CHF
more pistons & piston rings
gearshaft spring for Derbi Senda GPR, Aprilia RS RX SX, Gilera RCR SMT GSM Zulu 34664
14,00 CHF
drive shaft bearing and seal set for Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia, Gilera, Derbi 36926
13,65 CHF
drive shaft rubber boot for Piaggio Ape, Ape Mix 36469
8,10 CHF
drive shaft clutch side - 13 teeth for China 2-stroke, CPI version 1 KW20913
15,85 CHF
rear drive shaft / output shaft - short version for GY6 125/150cc GY16640
11,35 CHF
more transmission parts
tire valve tubeless - straight short metal version 19816
2,85 CHF
rim tape Heidenau 16-17 inch - 50mm HDF39063
4,50 CHF
rim strip 18-19 inch - 30mm 21747
2,30 CHF
rim tape Heidenau 16-17 inch - 60mm HDF39064
5,10 CHF
balancing weights adhesive tape / glue strip silver flat version 19818
1,45 CHF
more valves & accessories
thermostat for water-cooled engine for Minarelli LC Scooter and Minarelli AM 15939
12,45 CHF
water expansion bottle Polini for pocket bike cooling system 143.330.003
22,75 CHF
water pump repair kit for Minarelli AM, Generic, KSR-Moto, Keeway, Motobi, Ride, 1E40MA, 1E40MB IP15915
9,40 CHF
water pump oil seal Corteco 8x16x10/11 for Piaggio 2-stroke LC 50-180cc 36335
5,35 CHF
cooling water thermostat for Aprilia, Piaggio, Gilera, Derbi 23552
12,00 CHF
more water pump & cooling