Show universal spare parts

frame & body

fuel level sensor unit for metal fuel tank BT32002
5,55 CHF
fuel / gas tank cap lockable for Kymco, Polaris, CanAm, Adly ATV, Arctic Cat IP12365
18,40 CHF
fuel / gas tank locking cap BT12272
8,10 CHF
fuel tank cap / tank cover lockable for Keeway, CPI, Generic, Explorer and more VC18531
11,05 CHF
fuel tank cap lockable for Piaggio Vespa Ape, Boss, Boxer, Ciao, Grillo, SI VC29082
instead 20,55 CHF
16,85 CHF
more accessories
cylinder cover / forced cooling for Minarelli AC horizontal 32101
4,50 CHF
tool box / toolbox for Vespa PK 50, 125 36555
8,00 CHF
fan spoiler Air Scoop black - universal IP11996
7,40 CHF
fan spoiler Air Scoop chrome - universal IP15105
7,00 CHF
leg shield edge trim / leg shield beading left + right, black for Vespa GT, GTS, GTV 125-300cc 37750
36,80 CHF
more body parts
n8tive pedal pivot shaft with bearing body for NOAX - right side (left-hand thread) 150033-AXP-R
instead 26,50 CHF
21,70 CHF
n8tive flat pedal NOAX V.1 cold forged - grey 150033GR
113,35 CHF
n8tive pin tool hex socket wrench 4mm 150003
instead 1,35 CHF
1,10 CHF
n8tive flat pedal DH 105x110mm - green 150027GN
95,10 CHF
n8tive flat pedal DH 105x110mm - grey 150027GR
95,10 CHF
more foot pegs / pedals
seat cover size 1 IP32503
15,25 CHF
seat cover removable, waterproof, black in color for scooters 18787
12,15 CHF
seat cover XL removable, black in color for scooters 31063
13,10 CHF
seat cover scooter size 2 IP32504
20,50 CHF
seat cover carbon look for Kymco KB50, Fever ZXII, Curio 10511
25,15 CHF
more saddle
shock absorber set YSS Twin PRO-X 360mm for Simson S50, S51, S53, SR 50 38885
84,95 CHF
shock absorber for China 4-stroke 125/150cc (rear mono shock suspension) GY29483
24,20 CHF
shock absorber Forsa for Piaggio NRG, TPH, Vespa ET2, LX, LXV 32130
30,70 CHF
rear shock absorber - black spring 330mm BT21001
15,35 CHF
shock absorber for Honda Dylan, SH, NES 125, 150 (-2012) 32143
26,45 CHF
more shock absorber
front fork boots / bellows for MBK 51 38674
9,15 CHF
front fork boots 20cm - universal 38675
8,15 CHF
front fork tube assy right-hand 30/485mm for GY6 125cc GY14990/1
36,70 CHF
front fork tube assy left-hand 30/485mm for GY6 125cc GY14991/1
35,90 CHF
fork oil seal set 30x40.5x10.5 for Booster NG 50, Booster 100 20265
9,05 CHF
more suspension fork
shock extension Naraku 40mm aluminum NK304.03
11,85 CHF
shock extension Naraku 40mm carbon look NK304.02
instead 11,85 CHF
9,70 CHF
shock extension Naraku 40mm blue NK304.04
11,85 CHF
shock extension Naraku 60mm aluminum NK304.08
12,65 CHF
shock extension Naraku 60mm carbon look NK304.07
instead 15,65 CHF
12,80 CHF
more shock extension
fairing screws hex socket head - anodized aluminum black - set of 6 pcs - M6x20 VC39469
4,40 CHF
oil tank cap for Minarelli, CPI, Keeway, Generic, China 2-stroke 28781
2,55 CHF
fairing screw set black for Yamaha Aerox, MBK Nitro IP22741
11,35 CHF
hexagon socket screw set - anodized aluminum red - 6 pcs - M5x30 - styling VC21274
3,50 CHF
screw w/ flange M8x30 SW13 - 5 pieces 40221
2,55 CHF
more screws & small parts
main stand / center stand version 2 for China scooters 125, 150cc GY17060
15,95 CHF
main stand mounting set w/ springs for Aprilia, Gilera, Piaggio, Vespa 36934
5,05 CHF
side stand / kickstand black for Vespa LX, S, ET2, ET4 50, 125, 150 23581
23,20 CHF
main stand / center stand for MBK Nitro, Ovetto, Yamaha Aerox, Neos, Aprilia SR 50 IP33719
25,05 CHF
main stand spring Buzzetti 127mm BZA30243
5,05 CHF
more side stand & main stand
steering bearing set for Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera 50-200cc 2-, 4-stroke (all models) BZA30457
11,50 CHF
steering bearing set w/ taper roller bearing for GY6 125/150cc GY14954
8,40 CHF
steering bearing set for Baotian, Rex BT19003
6,55 CHF
steering bearing set for Honda, Peugeot, SYM 16794
6,15 CHF
steering bearing set for Aprilia SR (all models), Scarabeo 50 (all models) BZA30443
12,20 CHF
more steering bearing