Nietzange pneumatisch

Nietzange pneumatisch
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Nietzange pneumatisch


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Nietzange pneumatisch

Rivet system complete set Gyspress 8T PUSH PULL - Set GYS Modular riveter with pressure control for the application (and removal) of various rivet types to be processed and released in the body repair of various vehicle manufacturers in steel and aluminum. Can be adapted to a wide range of tasks thanks to exchangeable matrices, brackets and accessories Pressing pressure and tool speed can be adjusted individually to specify the riveting processes Push-Pull System: The retractable scraper system enables the stamping and calibration of the laminated core in one operation delivery 2 matrix keys 1 carrying strap 1 HR1S arm 1 additional handle for arm 1 box of punch rivets

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: D56893

EAN: 3154020D56893

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