Karosseriesäge pneumatisch

Karosseriesäge pneumatisch
Karosseriesäge pneumatisch 9034P2_1
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Karosseriesäge pneumatisch


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Karosseriesäge pneumatisch

Height-adjustable support bracket, can also be used for double-walled sheets Increase performance while reducing weight, air consumption, noise and vibration Air outlet direction adjustable Suitable for small sawing radius Cutting capacity aluminum: 4 mm Cutting capacity of sheet steel: 3 mm Strokes / min .: 9500 Content: 1 jigsaw 3 saw blades, each 18/24/32 teeth (total length: 93 mm) 1 reciprocating saw blade, 18 teeth (total length: 153 mm) 5 files (total length: ~ 135 mm) 1 Allen key (in the handle) Air connection inlet (from the compressor): female thread (IG) 12,91 mm (1/4 ") Coupling plug: nominal diameter 7.2 (inclusive) Hose diameter (recommended): 10 mm Operating pressure (bar): 6.3 Sound power level (at operating pressure): 97.7 db (A) Lp W Vibration acceleration: 6.13 m / s2 Saw stroke: 10 mm Total length: 160 mm Net weight (kg): 0.4 kg Sound pressure level (at operating pressure): 86.7 dB (A) Lp A Air requirement [l / min]: 99 l / min (1.6 l / sec)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 9034P-2

EAN: 4000896218288

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