Schlagschrauber 1 9014P-1

Schlagschrauber 1 9014P-1
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Schlagschrauber 1 9014P-1

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HAZET impact wrench 1 " Drill with bore for tool pinning and socket wrench retaining ring Double-sided optimized operation for left and right-handers One-hand switching Air connection at the handle bottom and rear possible Exhaust air duct through the handle down vibration Direct hammer drums - lower vibrations and higher performance Long spindle (240 mm) for optimum accessibility of wheel couplings Air inlet (from compressor): female thread (female thread) 20.67 mm (1/2 ") Coupling plug: nominal diameter 10 (inclusive) Recommended torque: 2400 Nm Hose diameter (recommended): 19 mm Operating pressure (bar): 6.3 Sound power level (at operating pressure): 114.5 db (A) Lp W Screw size M: 36 Right / left rotation: three-stage (right and left rotation) Cold-insulating handle Tightening torque maximum: 2712 Nm Maximum release torque: 3400 Nm Sound pressure level (at operating pressure): 103.5 dB (A) Lp A Air requirement [l / min]: 283 l / min (4.7 l / sec)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 9014P-1

EAN: 4000896218332

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