Polierschwamm 125 mm Klett

Polierschwamm 125 mm Klett
Polierschwamm 125 mm Klett_1
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Polierschwamm 125 mm Klett

Tornador für 6850392

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Polierschwamm 125 mm Klett

TORNADOR polishing sponge · Specially designed to meet the requirements of the Tornador PH-15 · Very long life · Reduces the heat on the surface · The incised honeycomb structure makes it possible to enlarge the polishing surface · Achieve a high level of removal (scratch removal) and enormous shine with just one sponge · Easy accessibility of corners and edges · Protects the paint surface from getting in contact with the polishing pad Technical specifications: Ø: 125 mm Version: Velcro

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 601605

EAN: 4046702012589

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