Federspanner Mercedes-Benz

Federspanner Mercedes-Benz
Federspanner Mercedes-Benz KL00251K_1Federspanner Mercedes-Benz KL00251K_2
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Federspanner Mercedes-Benz

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Federspanner Mercedes-Benz

For transverse and multi-link axles including pressure plate pair Gr. 1 and 2. It enables fast and safe removal and installation of coil springs on transverse and multi-link axles without the need to disassemble the axle (exceptions possible). At the same time, this means a high degree of safety and a very large time saving of 1-2 hours. Suitable for: Mercedes 190 (W201), C-Class (W202), CLK (W208), E-Class (W210), S-Class (W140), SL (R129), SLK (R170), W116, W123, W124 and W126 Front and rear axle. ford GM Chrysler VW T2 and LT Fiat lobster Mazda Toyota Nissan Mitsubishi Renault Peugeot Volvo Advantages: The three-point safety lock allows spring tension only when the piston is properly locked in the pressure plate. False detention accidents are prevented. The automatic freewheel guarantees that when the max. Clamping length, the spindle runs freely and thus no pressure on the end stops of the clamping device takes place. Due to the special telescope construction, the length of the tool changes during the tensioning of a spring, whereby springs can be changed very often without disassembling the axle. The time saved is then between 30 minutes and 2 hours per spring. Universally applicable due to extensive range of printing plates. Technical specifications Load max .: 30 000 N Span: 110 - 317 mm Working distance: 207 mm Overall length: 263 mm Drive: Hexagon SW 19 Breaking strength: 120 000 N Weight: 1.5 kg delivery Spring tensioner with Gr. 1 + 2 Plastic case

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: KL-0025-1K

EAN: 4046459001249

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