DID X-RING CHAIN 520VX3/128 520VX3X128ZB

DID X-RING CHAIN 520VX3/128 520VX3X128ZB
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DID X-RING CHAIN 520VX3/128 520VX3X128ZB

Kette offen mit Nietschloss

Priceunit: 1 Unit

Technical Data: Pitch: 520 Length: 128 Links O-ring type: X-Ring Manufacturer: DID Type: VX3 Type: Open Tensile strength (kg): 3720 kg Colour - Outer plates: Plain Steel Colour - Inner plates: Plain Steel Continuous index: 3500 Connection link type: Hollow rivet link Meterware: 748.03.83 passendes Clipschloss: 748.03.84 passendes Masivnietschloss: 748.03.85 passendes Hohlnietschloss: 748.03.86

Technical data

Technical Data
Pitch   520
Length   128 Links
O-ring type   X-Ring
Manufacturer   DID
Type   VX3
Type   Open
Tensile strength
   3720 kg
Colour - Outer plates   Plain Steel
Colour - Inner plates   Plain Steel
Continuous index   3500
Connection link type   Hollow rivet link
Meterware   748.03.83
passendes Clipschloss   748.03.84
passendes Masivnietschloss   748.03.85
passendes Hohlnietschloss   748.03.86

Manufacturer Nr.: DID 520VX3X128ZB

EAN: 4525516317757

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