Reifenmontagepaste 5 kg

Reifenmontagepaste 5 kg
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Reifenmontagepaste 5 kg


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Solid black premium assembly wax Suitable for the temperature range -15 ° C to + 60 ° C The product has an excellent stable lubricating film formation. Facilitates the assembly work and supports the subsequent disassembly, since the tire does not attach to the inner rim flange. Low expenditure of energy and time due to high lubricity. Prevents cracks and signs of aging and is very economical in use. Good traction after assembly, safe against twisting of the tire on the rim. REINHEIMER Tire Mount Wax is PH-neutral and thus protects the rubber and tire material. Prevents the formation of visible residues on the sidewall. Also suitable for RUN-FLAT-SYSTEME !! applications Apply thinly to the tire beads with a brush or sponge. This allows the tire to be easily mounted on the rim without damage. Content: 5kg Container type: bucket + lid

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 012379

EAN: 012379

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