60/100/70/90-14 TR4

60/100/70/90-14 TR4
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60/100/70/90-14 TR4

Schlauch Michelin 14MBR

Priceunit: 1 Unit

Hose Michelin MICHELIN hoses are made from butyl rubber, which gives them very low gas permeability and elastic behavior even at low temperatures. Butyl tubing has good resistance to acids and bases as well as very good weather and ozone resistance. Valve type: TR4 Valve hole: 8.3mm Valve: straight Wall thickness: 1.4mm Suitable for the following tire sizes: 60 / 100-14 70 / 90-14

Technical data

Technical Data
Wheel size   14 Inch
Tyre   60/100
Valve shape   Straight
Valve type   TR4
Type   Normal
Tube wall thickness   1.4 mm
Manufacturer   Michelin

Manufacturer Nr.: Michelin 0070001380

EAN: 3528709316705

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