Flächendichtung 518 50 ml Loctite

Flächendichtung 518 50 ml Loctite
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Flächendichtung 518 50 ml Loctite

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The new LOCTITE® 518 Roller features the leakage protection properties of the 518 surface seal in a roll-on applicator, which makes it easy to apply a liquid gasket. LOCTITE® 518 forms a flexible, high-strength, chemical-resistant seal, all Surface roughness filled and neither wears nor disintegrates. For use on torsion-resistant steel and steel Aluminum flanges, for surfaces with low pollution. Reliable, durable seal Powerful on inactive metals Avoids corrosion Distributes the load evenly Fills all gaps and roughness No seating, slipping or crawling Simple and clean application Complete surface contact No pushing out Economical product use High process reliability Easy disassembly

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 2392090

EAN: 4058093019474

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