Felgenreiniger Plus 5 Liter

Felgenreiniger Plus 5 Liter
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Felgenreiniger Plus 5 Liter

Xtreme Sonax

Priceunit: 1 Unit

SONAX XTREME Rim Cleaner PLUS is a highly effective, acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light alloy rims - also painted, chrome and polished rims. It removes quickly and effortlessly even the most stubborn dirt such as baked brake dust, oil and rubber residues and other road pollutions. With maximum surface protection, the rims get their new look back in an instant. The reddish discoloration of the cleaner signals the active release of the dirt from the rim and thus allows a visual control of its effectiveness. SONAX XTREME Rim Cleaner PLUS is guaranteed acid-free, therefore it does not attack the rim surface or the wheel bolts and is also suitable for wheels with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). With citrus scent.

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 2305050

EAN: 4064700511958

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