Mobiles Ausbeulsystem D36765

Mobiles Ausbeulsystem D36765
Mobiles Ausbeulsystem D36765_1
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Mobiles Ausbeulsystem D36765

GYS D36765

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Mobiles Ausbeulsystem D36765

Body Dent Repair Station DENTSTATION Premium Expert 400 + ARC PULL 200 - Set Delivery: 1 GYSPOT PRO 400 1 GYSPOT ARC PULL 200 1 WORKSTATION PRO 1 gas bottle holder 1 wearing parts box ALU 3 wearing parts boxes steel - SPOTTER BOX PRO + DENT BOX CONSUMABLES + STEEL STUD BOX 1 MANUSPOT 1 RINGMATIC 3 tension rods 3 bulging claws 3 hooks 1 PREMIUM ScherenzugbrĂĽcke 1 PREMIUM pull lever 1 PREMIUM drawbridge 1 PREMIUM pull rod 1 magnetic mass 2 PREMIUM double feet long 2 PREMIUM double feet - short 1 ALU RING box 1 aluminum hammer set (4 pcs.) 1 miniature air grinder 1 adhesive puller pro 1 fixing set 1 pull handle for MANUSPOT

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: D36765

EAN: 3154020D36765

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