Werkzeugwagen 179NXXL-7

Werkzeugwagen 179NXXL-7
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Werkzeugwagen 179NXXL-7

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Application: For the efficient, mobile organization of tools Tool, material and assembly cart Work surfaces: Significantly enlarged storage and working surface in stainless steel or plastic Stainless steel work surface Special protection with high quality plastic end caps Body / handle 5 flat and 2 high drawers Drawer flat, height: 76.5 mm / high, height: 161.5 mm 40 kg load per drawer Locking concept: Ergonomically arranged side lock position for better usability protects key and lock from damage Highly secure locking system with central locking technology for optimum protection of your property 2-stage locking Self-closing and mutual locking of the drawers prevents unintentional opening 100% extension with ball-bearing telescopic rails High Performance Chassis: Large heavy-duty wheels (Ø 125 mm) Easy to move at high dynamic load 2 swivel casters with double stop Gray, non-marking elastic rollers enable smooth running Total load capacity (static): 1000 kg Color: HAZET BLUE Total length: 1133 mm Height: 1020 mm Width: 518 mm Net weight (kg): 145 kg Drawers flat: 5 x 77 x 870 x 398 mm Drawers high: 2 x 162 x 870 x 398 mm Drawer size for organizing system: 5/3 + Number of fixed castors: 2 (Ø 125 mm) Number of castors: 2 (Ø 125 mm)

Manufacturer Nr.: OEM: 179NXXL-7

EAN: 4000896214624

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