10w60 oil 4l jmc

10w60 oil 4l jmc
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10w60 oil 4l jmc

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10W-60 JMC JMC 10W-60 is a synthetic high-performance engine oil for use in sports motorcycles with high-revving 4-stroke engines and shared oil from gearbox and wet wet clutch. The JMC 10W-60 is suitable for all 4-stroke motorcycles, quads, ATV's and scooters with common oil circuit of the engine, clutch and gearbox. It is characterized by high thermal resistance and provides even under continuous stress and high speeds a stable lubricating film. This guarantees low wear and tear on the engine and transmission components. In addition, the strict JASO MA2 of Reibwertanforderungen be met for best clutch performance. - Adjusted viscosity grade for additional security under extreme conditions - Even in very hot oil and very high loads stable lubricating film - Extremely stable to shear - "Stay-in-grade" - High wear and corrosion protection of the engine and gearbox - Excellent wet clutch performance; meets the stringent requirements of JASO MA2 - Cheap cold viscosity ensures fast lubrication and low "cold wear" - High oxidation protection by synthetic PAO (poly-alpha-olefins) base oils and special additives - Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic motorcycle oils brand To be able to exploit all the advantages of the product, a complete oil change is recommended. Specifications and approvals: API SL, JASO MA2 Content: 4 liter canister Package: 4

Technical data

Technical Data
Application   Engine
Viscosity   10W60
Manufacturer   JMC
Type   4 Stroke
Quality   Synthetic
JASO References   MA2
API Specification   SL
Container   4 Litre

Manufacturer Nr.: JMC 20192-430-B8

EAN: 4043981113075


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