Rear set kit aluminium MCF107RAC

Rear set kit aluminium MCF107RAC
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TRW Lucas

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Rear set kit aluminium MCF107RAC

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TRW-Lucas Foodpegs Racing''Black Edition'' High-quality forward controls for ambitious sports riders - Required with certificate, entry form or letter - With CNC-machined systems, black anodized and preassembled - Super lightweight systems with relieved fronts - Shift and brake levers run on bronze bushings with graphite lubrication - Individual adjustment - Inverter easily possible - Racing detents including Teflon stopper. - Delivery principle with black heel protection - Reversing the shift pattern is possible, to have to rotate the shaft to the gearbox output by 180 degrees - Weight: from 700 grams - Changes from the original: - 5-35 mm back - 5-20 mm upwards

Manufacturer Nr.: TRW Lucas MCF107RAC

EAN: 3322937519934

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