Stealth-Rear Sprocket / Chain Wheel Supersprox 525/42t gold 35800S42

Stealth-Rear Sprocket / Chain Wheel Supersprox 525/42t gold 35800S42
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Stealth-Rear Sprocket / Chain Wheel Supersprox 525/42t gold

RST-702: 42-GLD | ID 100.0 LK 120.0 5-hole
The unique SuperProx Stealth chain wheels are probably technically the most developed sprockets in the world. Originally designed for racing to achieve high durability with low weight at the same time, Stealth sprockets are more quality and visually superior to any other sprocket. Superprox Stealth sprockets consist of a milled 7075-T6 aluminum core and a milled black outer wreath made of C45 steel, which are accurately assembled with stainless steel rivets. As a result, the SuperSprox Stealth chain wheels have the long life of a high-quality steel chain wheel and three times more than an aluminum sprocket, but weigh only half of them. Worldwide relying teams and professional teams of the quality of SuperSprox Stealth chain wheels and confirm the high value of these sprockets. Our SuperSprox Stealth chain wheels can be produced and supplied in almost all colors offered by us for drive wheels.

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